Weld-CHRON Weld Monitor Details

EASY TO DEPLOY WELD MONITOR – No Infrastructure Required

The Weld-CHRON Arc Weld Monitor is a low-cost, accurate and reliable device that will improve productivity and achieve a fast return on investment.  An organization cannot improve productivity without actual data, and the Weld-CHRON Arc Weld Monitoring equipment provides a low cost  means to acquire the necessary data.  The Weld-CHRON Arc Weld Monitor will record actual arc-on measurements indicating the utilization of each power supply or machine in a facility. That data can be analyzed  to provide real actionable information.

The Weld-CHRON weld monitoring equipment provides the data you need to better manage your operations. The supervisors will receive information indicating the exact accumulated  arc-time for each welding machine, as well as the number of welds made.  Based on those measurements, the supervisors  can make decisions on issues  such as changes in processes, tooling, or training to improve the efficiency and throughput of the operation.

Weld-CHRON Arc Weld Monitor & Timer
Part# 01-10133

Weld-CHRON Weld Monitor & Timer

Easy Setup

  • Easy to Deploy – Just install sensor over negative welding cable
  • Battery Operated (2-year estimated battery life)
  • Battery Compartment for easy replacement
  • Quick disconnect sensor connector

Easy Operation

  • Measure Welder Productivity
  • Determine Equipment Utilization
  • Reset totals using security key-switch
  • Accurate & Reliable
  • Brand Agnostic – Use any Manufacturer’s Power Supply
  • Use for MIG /SAW/SMAW processes