1000 Amp Split-Core Current Sensor

1000 Amp Split-Core Current Sensor

+/- 1000 Amp Current Sensor
Part# 01-10123
This is a 1000 Amp current sensor that is compatible with the listed weld monitors. This sensor works well for the majority of welding processes. The convenient two piece design allows for easy installation and removal, suitable for both temporary and permanent installations.
Includes 25 ft. cable


Part #: 01-10123
+/- 1000 Amp 2.25” ID 25 ft. Cable
This is a replacement weld monitor current sensor. It has the added advantage of easy disassembly simplifying installation. Easy to install and remove. Use for temporary or permanent installations.
Compatible with the following weld monitors:
ArcAgent* 3000P
ArcAgent* WeldCounter
ArcAgent* 1000/2100

(*) ArcAgent is a trademark of Miller Electric Manufacturing Co.