Oil & Drilling

Oil & Drilling Industry The oil and gas industry is the backbone of the world economy and plays a vital role in the global energy supply. Various technologies and functions are involved in this very high profile and high earning industry. And welding is one such process that is extremely important for this industry. Oil […]


Aerospace Industry Welding is useful in the construction and manufacturing of aircraft for commercial use for a long time. Over the years, the manufacturing processes, as well as the technologies in use in aerospace, have evolved. This new technique developed by the aerospace industry can work with lighter metals such as aluminum, titanium, and magnesium. […]


Electric/Electronics Industry The electronic industry comprising of many sectors is enormous. The electronics industry’s broad umbrella covers batteries in the battery industry, cars in the automotive industry, and electronic medical devices belonging to the medical sector. The electrical or electronics industry has three sections: general electronics, consumer electronics, and electric utility utilities. The consumer electronics […]


Structural Industry The structural industry has been the earliest user of electric arc welding since the 1920s. Its use has increased steadily since the Second World War. Now it is one of the leading methods of fabrication and welding works. It is a significant share of the total structural industry as against all the other […]


Shipbuilding Industry The most commonly found process in the shipbuilding industry is welding. The latest development in welding technology has enabled the shipbuilding industry to produce perfect watertight and oil-tight joints. As compared to riveted joints, the welded joints are always more comfortable in making and more robust while reducing the running time of the […]

Power Generation

Power Generation Welding techniques are now showing innovation by producing better quality joints consistently. There is a surge in the setting up of new electricity power generation plans and retrofits across the world in the coming two decades. It will provide ample opportunities for the fabrication sector. The recent innovative developments in the weld monitoring […]


Pipeline Pipeline welding is critical in any industry. There are various types of pipe joints. Pipes are joined by either a fixed position welding or roll welding. Butt welds even join some pipes with the single V joint preparation. These are the chief methods used to weld pipelines for gas, oil, water, etc. Pipeline The […]

General Industry

General Industry Welding keeps the world together. If anything is made of metal, then it can be welded. From cars to airplanes to bridges and buildings, welding helps in keeping our economy running. Even our homes are not exempted from welding. Beyond building and construction, welding is a perennial industry. It is a great way […]

Automotive/Transportation Industry

Weld Monitoring in Automotive/Transportation Industry Resistance Spot Welding (RSW) is a critical welding process useful for stainless steel vehicle manufacturing in the automotive or transportation industry. There are many advantages of RSW. Some of them are as follows – RSW is an economic welding process RSW is highly adaptable to a wide range of materials […]